Ant Anstead Car

Ant Anstead Car. TV presenters Ant Anstead and Mike Brewer took part in a Classic Rumble challenge for charity recently.

Ant and fellow ‘Wheeler Dealers’ host Mike Brewer both took on the challenge to built or restore two classic cars. Ant decided to build his from scratch and the result was a beautiful vintage looking race car evocotive of Maseratis and Alfas of the 40s and 50s era.
The proceeds from Ant’s car will be donated to Harrison’s Fund.
Ant Anstead car

This beautiful Mazda MX-5 engine powered car has been completely overhauled and upgraded and has a bespoke balanced prop shaft and the gearbox has had a full strip down and rebuild. Ant says “Cars are my passion, it’s what makes me tick. And while their primary function is a mode of transport I wanted to see past that and build a complete one-off, a toy. Something that was built with love and passion that still pulls the heartstrings. An original GP period single seater would cost millions, so I built one inspired by an age of motor racing that is sure to capture one person’s heart. I hope that person bids big for this unique car!”
The Ant Anstead car went on to raise £22,500 for the charity when it was auctioned at Silverstone auctions at the NEC in Birmingham in November 2017. More info on the chaity can be found here – Harrisons fund

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