Ferrari Breadvan

Ferrari Breadvan by Birmingham car photographer Paul Ward This image is available as a limited edition print from Limited 100 The ‘Breadvan’ is a special one off Ferrari made in 1962 and based on a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB, chassis number 2819GT. It was built to compete against the new 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO at Le Mans and other FIA GT races.

Magnus Walker Porsche

Magnus Walker Porsche 911 by Birmingham car photographer Paul Ward This image is available as a limited edition print from Limited 100 Magnus Walker is a British former fashion designer and car collector. Walker was finally able to fulfill his childhood dream of buying a Porsche when he bought a 1974 Porsche 911 in 1992. He started to collect more and more cars and joined the Porsche Club of America in 2002, to find a more suitable outlet for his love for speed. He started participating in race events and focused his efforts on completing his collection of vintage 911s. He now holds a customised collection of around 25 cars. This is one of the rare ones that got sold and currently resides in the UK.

E type Jaguar

E type Jaguar location shoot by Birmingham car photographer Paul Ward

Ferrari 125s

The Ferrari 125 S front end by car photographer Paul Ward (commonly 125 or 125 Sport) was a 1.5 litre race car built in 1947 by automaker Ferrari of Modena, Italy, its first vehicle. Only two were made. Although preceded by Enzo Ferrari’s Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 of 1940, the 125 S was the first vehicle to bear the Ferrari name when it debuted on May 11, 1947 at the Piacenza racing circuit. Like the 815, but unlike its inline-8 predecessor, partly developed from Fiat engine components, the 125 S featured the Ferrari designed and built Colombo V12 (the “125”), a trait it shared with most Ferrari cars of the following decades. The 125 S was replaced by the 159 S later in 1947. This image is available as 1 of 100 limited edition prints from Limited100

Aston Martin DB6 shoot

We recently shot a beautiful Aston Martin DB6 in conjunction with Limited100 and Petrolheads Welcome.

Limited edition car prints

A new collection of my automotive images are now available as limited edition car prints from 'Limited100'

Car shoot – behind the scenes

Here’s some behind the scenes images of some recent car shoot