what a year 2011

Happy New Year everyone! … what a year

Well, here it is, the end of 2011.
I hope you all had a great year in 2011 and wish you an even better one in 2012!

As a photographer 2011 has been an interesting year for me … with fashion shoots for clients such as Rock my vintage, fresh2def, i love vintage, Joansu, Disorder, Ether, licoricelabel and Pavilions Birmingham, as well as some band shoots, model portfolio shoots, a few art projects on the side and an increase in my car photography too, it’s certainly been a hectic one!
This years travel destinations have included a trip to Portugal, various trips to the south of France and Monaco for product photography with Crown company, an amazing 7 day european roadtip to photograph a porsche 911 in the Alps, and yet another visit to Mumbai as part of the “Snapshots of Mumbai” art project, which included photographing the Prodigy at their gig in New Delhi for an article in IDJ Magazine!
This year has seen more work done to my studio – with the addition of a lifestyle area for commercial shoots and now, possibly a 20ft wide green screen area to come in the new year, the studio space keeps getting more versatile as time goes on.
My photography courses have been going well too – with one on one tuition sessions and a few group courses too it’s been great to connect with new photographers and hopefully pass on some useful tips along the way.
Video projects have been a big part of 2011 too … there’s been pop video production for ‘Jakkin Rabbit’, ‘KID’, Stacey Bournes – corporate video production for Honeywell, ‘Caryn Franklyn’s How to look good’ show, Disorder Clothes, and a pilot cooking program in the works with our own production company.
Also, our sci fi short film is nearing completion – It’s been over a year scince we started filming on ‘The Average Man’ project, which was shot entirely on Canon DSLR cameras, the 5D mk2 and the 7D.
The film is finally in the post production and soundtrack stages. We are hoping that it will be completed in the next month or so and then we can start sending it out to film festivals etc and see where it can go. In the mean time, one of the main actors in it landed a small role in the new Batman film – the dark knight rises, so congratulations to Guy for that, I look forward to spotting him in it.
So that was 2011. What does 2012 hold … well, at the moment, with all the ‘end of the world’ rumors going around, I’ll just be glad to see the start of 2013 !! … I’m sure we’ll be fine.

wishing you all a very happy and prosporous New Year

About the Author:
Paul is a freelance photographer from Birmingham, UK. Although Paul originally specialised in fashion photography, model portfolios and portrait photography, his work over the years has diversified into many different areas including wedding photography, commercial and advertising photography, architectural and interiors, landscape and travel, car photography as well as video production and design work.

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