Cosplay Shoot

Cosplay Shoot, Harley Quinn fashion photography with the Nankang Mustang

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Gran Turismo by car photographer Paul Ward

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

white Aventador

White Aventador sv

Ferrari 288GTO

Ferrari 288GTO detail by Birmingham car photographer Paul Ward

Lamborghini Diablo GT

Lamborghini Diablo GT car artwork by Birmingham car photographer Paul Ward This artwork was originally done as a customised print for TV presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson and is available as a limited edition print from Limited 100 Lamborghini introduced the Diablo GT in 1998 based on the formula of the SE30 and the SE30 Jota of which only 80 examples were produced for sale. The Diablo GT was a track-oriented iteration of the Diablo and featured many unique components exclusive to the model. The GT fitted with radically altered aggressive bodywork, a stripped-down interior, and an enlarged engine. The GT variant was exclusive to Europe only but some were imported into the US. Exterior changes included an all-new black carbon fibre front air dam with large brake ducts and a central vent for the oil cooler (the car still featured driving lamps, the single pair of round units featured on the Diablo VT Roadster).

Singer Porsche

Singer Porsche 911 photography by Birmingham car photographer Paul Ward photographed on location at Bicester Heritage. Available as a limited edition print from Limited 100 Singer Vehicle Design was started by Rob Dickinson – an ex-rock musician who then became a car designer and now stands as one of the world’s foremost distillers of the essence of air-cooled Porsche. Singer specialises in the 964-chassis 911, built from 1989 to 1994. The 964 was the first street 911 with coil-sprung suspension, replacing the traditional torsion bars. The 964 chassis also retains Porsche’s classic rear trailing arms, which disappeared in 1995. Along with a rear weight bias, trailing arms help these 911s do wonderful things in corners when you snap your foot off the throttle, and that’s all you really need to know about that.

Porsche 904

Porsche 904 racing automotive photography by car photographer from Birmingham Paul Ward This image was shot at Silverstone circuit History The Porsche 904 is an automobile which was produced by Porsche in Germany in 1964 and 1965. It was officially called Porsche Carrera GTS due to the same naming rights problem that required renaming the Porsche 901 to Porsche 911.

Paul Smith Porsche

Paul Smith Porsche 911 by automotive photographer Paul Ward About the car – his fabulous 1965 Porsche 911 2.0 is pure automotive art. Resplendent in the British fashion designer Paul Smith’s signature Artist Stripe, shared by countless high-profile accounts, including Porsche itself. The car was the brainchild of James Turner, co-founder of Sports Purpose, who, together with Richard Tuthill of Tuthill Porsche and Marcus Black, Head of Licensing at Paul Smith, brought an audacious idea to life in the most exquisite fashion. This image is available as a limited edition print from Limited 100 website


BMW M3 front by car photographer Paul Ward, Birmingham